Yuuzhan Vong
Planet of origin


Height of average adult


Hair color


"Do-ro'ik vong pratte!"
―Yuuzhan Vong battle-cry

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The Yuuzhan Vong were created when some EU author, on his way to a meeting with Lucasfilm officials to discuss how to make people read more Star Wars books, got very drunk. When he arrived at the meeting, he suggested doing a Species 8472 ripoff. The officials were unaware that he was drunk and took him seriously, and so the Yuuzhan Vong were born. The author took the name from the restaurant he got drunk at, which was named Yunan Vong and had identity issues (it couldn't decide whether to be Thai, Chinese, French, or Jewish, so it mixed all of those dishes badly. Fortunately, it dumped its menu onto Festival Cruise Lines, and there it has stayed since.)

The Yuuzhan Vong won the annual Most Racist Aliens of the Year competition, somehow beating Neimoidian's to the claim for first place. This caused massive public outrage and forced George Lucas to escape to Spain and take on the very imaginative name of Darth Lucas