Zann Consortium
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Tyber Zann


In a colorful van with peace signs and flowers

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Tyber Zann, Tiger Zann, Tigger Zann, Tighter Zann, Tooter Zann, Trigger Zann, Tyberzann Zann, Tribe Zann, Tie Zann, Tiefighter Zann, Tyboo Zann, Tyke Zann

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Corrupt computers




Too many to count

"PEACE, DUDES! The world is round!"
―Tigger Zann

The Zann Consortium was a small organization of hippies and internet addicts that often tried to 'corrupt' computers, with the hippies viewing them as being an extension of The Man's will and the internet nerds simply having nothing better to do. It was headed by Tyber Zann, but if you couldn't figure that out on your own, you're stupid.

Rise and The great time of bullets hitting themEdit

Well Tyber Zahn's hippies stole the hippie van and some cheap guns. They stole stuff like corn dogs , and dollar bills at random places. Unfortunately they ran out of corn dogs to sell, draining funds.

Decline and fallEdit

Vader: "You said the hippies are doing what, now?"
Piett: "It seems they've banded together. They're calling themselves the Zann Consortium."
Vader: "Oh, hell no."
Darth Vader and Firmus Piett, after Piett informed Vader of the Consortium's existence

Since hippies generally suck and are easy to pwn, the Consortium didn't last very long occupying the same galaxy as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. With extreme prejudice, Vader unleashed the almighty powah of the tiny burrito upon Zann's group of hippies, laying waste to their pitiful little hippie van.

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