Zekk Zekkson
Biographical information




Physical description





2 meters (tall)

Hair color

Black (dark)

Eye color

Emerald green (handsome)

Chronological and political information
Known masters

Brakiss (evil)

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"Wow, Jaina... you and Jag make such a cute-looking couple. I can't wait until you guys get married... and then we all spend our honeymoon together."
―Zekk, to Jaina Solo

Zekk was an orphan on Coruscant. Apparently not all Coruscanti are rich. He was a close friend of Han Solo's crazy kids. Then the Dark Jedi Brakiss made him his apprentice. Eventually, Zekk was rescued and returned to the good side, and then trained to be a bounty hunter under Boba Fett, or his daughter, or whatever. Zekk was really in love with Jaina. Really. So much in love with Jaina that he fantasized about her with the Twi'lek girl Alema Rar. And with Jagged Fel. With Zekk, love never involves two people.

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