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You have new erections

Planet of origin


Height of average adult

1.8 (average)

Skin color

Pink, red

Hair color

Red, blue


Pheromones, general hotness

Mon Mothma: "Zeltrons? How can you hate Zeltrons?"
Leia Organa: "Because they kriffed my brother when I wanted to!"
— Mon Mothma and Leia

Zeltrons are a race of super, extremely hot aliens who love parties and relations. They especially love relations with Force users. For some unfathomable reason, they thought that Luke Skywalker was soooo hawt.

Zeltrons' main job in life was to dress in skimpy clothing and sleep with anything that moved, then to get offended when somebody called or suggested that they were whores.


Will they have sex with Hoojibs? Naturally.

Notable ZeltronsEdit

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