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"Full power on main batteries! Launch the fighters! and someone give me a God Damn fork for my fried ewok!"
―What an effective leader Warlord Zsinj was

Warlord Zsinj was an Imperial Admiral who thought he was a Grand Admiral where he spent the later days of the Empire trying to start his own faction. He relied heavily on his stolen Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist, which had a curious tendency of losing "slugging matches" to a few Mon Calamari cruisers and/or four squadrons of various starfighters. The competence of his TIE fighter and TIE interceptor pilots was often cited by historians as strong proof that the Stormtrooper Effect did in fact work in space.

Early LifeEdit

Boris Daniel Ignacio Carl Harold Edwardo Arnold Dimas Zsinj was born to parents Jackass and Sanjaya Zsinj in the home country in the year 32BBY. His family was considered the richest in their town. They owned a chicken and a door. Everyone was jealous of Boris' father's success as a Naked Mud Wrestler. At age seven Boris started training to follow his father's foot steps making a living doing the national pastime. Unfortunately, Boris was abducted by Men in White Suits.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Warlord Zsinj was a soft spoken man, but not a light eater. He was known to eat anything ranging from raw Bantha meat, to live Ewoks and Jawas. He was an expert sweating and every time he paced the command center, he sweat profusely or in layman's terms he was DAMN OVERWEIGHT!

Behind the ScenesEdit

Zsinj had a non-canon cameo in Paper Mario as himself.

Zsinj himself

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